The Samsung UE40ES6800 review

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The Samsung UE40ES6800

The Samsung UE40ES6800


 There is no doubt that the Samsung’s ES7000 and the ES8000 are both stunning in looks and performance. However they are beyond the means and dreams of a huge chunk of population. It seems that Samsung kept this in mind while designing the UE40ES6800.  This 40 inch TV is far more affordable than the other models. This allows a lot more new buyers to enjoy the wonderful picture quality of a Samsung LED TV.


You can easily make out that the UE40ES6800 is not as chic as its costlier brethrens but it is beautiful. The ultra thin bezel of the ES7000 and after will of course not be found on this model. Your family can nevertheless enjoy the vast improvement fro your old TV. The latest version of the Samsung’s Smart TV online service is very much a part of the UE40ES6800 along with the popular Family and kid zones and Fitness zone.  The customer will be pleasantly surprised to see two pairs of 3D glasses free along with the package in order to enjoy its active 3D playback. There are disappointments in the packaging too. This model does not come with a separate control system with a touch pad. This accessory is available only in the high-end models. There is also no voice or gesture control support.


The Key Features

The Edge LED lighting is responsible for illuminating the TV set and the lights are controlled by Samsung’s micro dimming system that helps in breaking down the image and then the TV calculates the optimum output levels. However there is difference between the performance of the micro dimming system in the UE40ES6800 and the other models in terms of localized accuracy and the levels subtlety and the UE40ES6800 is found to lag behind.


The TV Set does a decent enough job in struggling against the blurring of images that is an inherent problem of LCD technology. Although the higher e-end models do a better job yet the Samsung UE40ES6800 performance in this regard is quite acceptable considering the price we pay. The UE40ES6800 offers a wide array of picture adjustments. There are adjustment features even for video processing that allow you to get the most out of the motion processing systems of Samsung.
Samsung deliberately describes the capabilities of motion handling in its TV sets as clear motion rate because it believes that customers are often misled if they use terms like 400Hz.  The TV is not actually refreshing the contents with such speed in a second. So it says that its TV utilizes a 400 CMR engine for clearer pictures. This step by Samsung has led even some rivals to drop the Hz terminology. The high-end models of Samsung have 800 CMR.

The Good

  • 2 pairs of free lightweight 3 D glasses
  • Easy to use
  • Content-rich Smart TV
  • Good operating system
  • Satisfactory picture quality for a mid-range LED TV

The Bad

  • Slightly gray blacks
  • The preset needs a lot of adjusting
  • A minor motion blur
  • Many secondary apps serve no real purpose
  • Remote control layout could be improved


A Decent Design

Samsung UE40ES6800 rear and side  Design

Samsung UE40ES6800 rear and side Design

There will be no “wow” moment when you look at the Samsung UE40ES6800 for the first time. The gray bezels are a little wider and the outer rim is slightly transparent too. The outer rim is just a few millimeters wide and the rear also bears a strong resemblance to the top-end models. Overall it is a decent looking TV set that most importantly a lot of people can afford.

Excellent Online Features

With the Samsung UE40ES6800 you get the up to date Samsung Smart TV online service. One new addition to the content is the fitness zone, which lets more than one user to set up unique health profiles to monitor their exercise routines.  There is a new family zone that enables sharing of messages, photos and establishing your own private network of friends and family. The kids’ zone is the cutest and even offers a digital sticker for children as rewards for behaving well.

The TV set seems to have given a lot of attention to video content. There is Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Sport, AOL HD and Samsung 3D channel and of course You Tube to name a few. The TV most surely could not forget social media and it has all the support ranging from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Skype for which you will have to go for an extra camera. There is also a lot of gaming information and education applications for the children and adults.

Easy Usability

Samsung UE40ES6800 remote

Samsung UE40ES6800 remote

There is the menu system of the newest full HD Smart Hub on-screen with plenty of new content additions. The menu gives the viewer plenty of links to directly access a wide range of content in a neat format. Due to the excellent operating system the explanation of any feature that is highlighted comes up to help the user. The HD design is impressive in the way it brings the various types of content to the user such as online content or content from the multimedia sources, AV inputs etc. This TV does not come with a second remote but is nevertheless easy to use.  The remote buttons that are used most often need more emphasis in the layout of the remote, which Samsung can perhaps improve on.

Picture Quality of the Samsung UE40ES6800

The picture quality of their Samsung TV set is good and it proves to be another strong LED member of the Samsung family despite its low price. However once you set about working on the settings you will get the perfect setting to your liking. It is a surprise why the company ships the set with settings that make the colors look over saturated and brightness levels insanely high. In fact even the backlight setting at 20 levels seems illogical since a better result is found with lower levels at six or even seven. Probably because these settings look good in brightly lit rooms but the moment you switch off a few lights you will realize that the company has got some terrible presets. After you finish working on the settings you will realize that the TV set has a decent level of subtlety in terms of displaying color blends. The Samsung UE40ES6800 can give you a feeling that you are watching a screen that gives an extra smooth or plastic like appearance to the skin but this is acceptable considering its price.

The 3D quality is commendable and you will enjoy watching your Blu-ray discs that will show you complete detailed pictures.

The contrast is good too. When the content includes both bright and dark colors the TV’s engine balances the LED output but if there are only dark sequences then you will notice a slight gray sheen to the black parts and some problem in the consistency of the backlight even if you have set the backlight to low levels. This is surprising since in keeping with current trends most other rival brands seem to have tackled this issue. Although the top-end models of Samsung also perform better in this regard, the UE40ES6800 needs some improvement.

Great Connectivity Features

This Samsung TV set offers good connectivity options. It has 3 HDMIs in comparison to some other models that offer 4 but it is enough for most users. There is plenty of multimedia support with 3 USB ports, built in Wi-Fi, LAN jack and connect wirelessly or through wired option to a DLNA PC. There are no complaints in the file support aspect too. Another outstanding feature is that it not only supports Freeview HD tuner but also Freesat HD.

The Audio Quality

The sound of the Samsung UE40ES6800 is excellent. In fact it is even better than those models that highlight their slim frames. One disappointment though in terms of the bass that does not sound very convincing and even borders on been described as harsh if the volume is very high.

The Final Verdict

The Samsung UE40ES6800 LED TV is a decent set especially in light of the price it comes at. The standard definition is all right and the TV’s engine manages to keep the noise levels in check The usability and the price give this set enough value to make it a sensible purchase. The HD images offer good clarity but then the top-end models will obviously deliver better quality. The kids will love to not only watch their favorite cartoons but also play games since this is an excellent game monitor.

For a mid range TV the Samsung UE40ES6800 give the user more than enough features with good 2D and 3D picture and sound quality. However, it has some great rivals too in the same range.

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