Apple Watch Hermès is the first foray by Apple into direct Apple Watch fashion partnerships. It brings Apple’s stainless steel hardware together with Hermès’ premium watch bands. As we all know, for almost 200 years now, Hermes has been a typical business run by the family. Apple, on the other hand, is a giant in the technology industry. There is one thing in common with all these companies; they rarely associate with other brands. And yet here is the Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 set, where an unlikely relationship has arisen and these magnificent items have resulted.

One reason Hermès leather products command such a high price is that they are manufactured by hand and made by small groups of people in a world of mass-produced imports (such as the Apple Watch). They follow the exacting standards and accuracy that are mindful of things such as where the band is likely to be stretched or where it is most resistant to breakage to ensure stitches.

What is Apple Hermes and why you should buy it?

Apple Watch Hermès is a Hermès branded Apple Watch on a ceramic bac. Each screen is approximately 30% larger than the previous versions of 38mm and 42mm and has rounded corners rather than previously square ones. Apple also tweaked the Series 4 casing’s sides and back. Instead of a bold red circle, the Digital Crown now has a red ring on LTE models and uses the Taptic Engine for haptic clicks as you turn it.

In addition, the health sensors have been drastically overhauled by Apple, a move that makes the Watch’s bottom look very different from before. A few major chip improvements are included in Series 4. First of all, it has an Apple S4 processor; in an Apple Watch, the first 64-bit CPU that promises up to twice the speed, then S3. Furthermore, Series 4 now has 16GB of storage space for all versions.

What are the prices of Apple Watch Hermes?

Apple Watch Hermes pricing begins at $1,100 on a 38mm Apple Watch for the Single Trip. The Hermes Double Tour strap on the Hermes 38mm Apple Watch is $1,250, and the Hermes Cuff on the Hermes Apple Watch is $1,500.

How is Apple Watch Hermes Design and Display

The Apple Watch Hermès Series’ only distinctive software feature is the Hermès Watch Face that you get with it. Feu (indigo/white background with orange type), Rose (deep pink/indigo background with light pink type colour), and Ambre (red/pink background with yellow type colour) are brand different two-tone looks from the Hermes.

The colours of the background break with the minute side, adding to the design a little dynamism. There are only four choices for the Complication Spot: Off, Date, Stopwatch, and World Clock. But the face of Hermès prioritises the name, not the details.

With the new colours giving it a vibrant life, the watch looks fantastic. Instead of a gadget, making it look more like a classy casual watch. In the entire Apple Watch product line, this makes the Hermes series stand out.

Complications are one of the ways you can customise your Apple Watch face for those new users who don’t know what complications are on the Apple Watch. It shows information from applications that you can connect directly to the face of the Watch. The date, temperature, and battery life provide some simple examples.

Apple Watch Hermes Performance

The bands of the Apple Watch Hermès series are the most distinctive, best and most expensive watch bands offered by Apple. But if we consider the other way around, it seems a decent deal to get a Hermès band for $600 that is not available for no less than $3000 in other situations. For all, it is a win-win scenario. Anyone who buys the Hermes Series 4 buys it for themselves and does not show off because it looks like any other band on the market from afar.

It is a personal preference, something that makes you feel classy and elegant. The Hermes bands make the Apple watch look more like a portable classic instead of a gadget. The downside is that the coloured leathers never start as soft and supple and never end up as good as the raw leather straps with ageing and patina-ing. They look better, but the way they feel, you have to compromise.

Since anatomy and taste are not related to small and large stereotypes, limiting styles to sizes also seems unnecessary. The Hermès Sport Band Special is small, versatile and immune to sweat, the Hermès orange signature Sport Band is ideal for exercising. Per Apple Watch Hermès model with a silver stainless steel case is included as an additional strap. A black Hermès Sport Band is a combination of a black stainless steel case and a matching leather harness.

What is the latest Apple Watch Hermes collection?

In addition to a series of bold new colours, Apple and Hermès have launched new Apple Watch Hermès models and an expanded range of bands that integrate the Hermès signature palette. The collection pairs Apple Watch Series 2 with beautifully handmade leather bands in distinctive styles from Hermès, with a design process powered entirely by a shared ambition for supreme elegance and utility, and features unique watch face designs inspired by the classic models of Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace Hermès. The ultimate tool for modern living, a product of elegant, artful simplicity and versatility, is the Apple Watch Hermès.

What are the latest features of Apple Watch Hermes?

The new Apple Watch Hermès models are combined with the Apple Watch Series 2, which features a GPS, water-resistance of 50 metres, a twice-brighter display, a powerful dual-core processor and watchOS 3, and an exclusive orange signature Hermès Sport Band. The water-resistant Sport Band is light and versatile and is specially engraved with ‘Apple Watch Hermès’ for supreme comfort and longevity while working out.

What makes Apple Watch Hermes different

As usual, a limited edition watch that comes with an exclusive Hermès leather strap is the Hermès iteration – except this time there are three different straps to choose from.

Of course, the famous double tour brace makes a comeback in classic tan Fauve Barénia leather with contrast when stitched. But now there is also a double tour option in the black Noir Swift leather and also in the Attelage double tour, slimmer tan Fauve Barénia leather.

The second form of the strap, a single trip, a new palette of shades has been imagined. There are eight different shades, a second black option with a metal deployment belt, a third black option with white contrast stitching and metal deployment bucks, and a second tan Fauve Barénia option in the single tour of Attelage.

For the Hermès Apple Watch partnership – an exclusive sports band – the third style of brace is a different one. This strap is thin, flexible and water-resistant in the emblematic Hermès orange, so you can wear it when exercising and swimming. And when you buy any Hermès Apple Watch, it comes as an added band.

Final Thoughts

Unique Hermès watch faces that are not available with the regular Series 6 will also come with each Hermès Apple Watch. Classic, plain and elegant, they are. Digital watch faces connect the system back to Hermès’s timeless aesthetic. The ultimate architecture, high fashion and innovation meet. And yes, the devices come in a Hermès orange signature box – a collectable in itself.

With the first Apple Watch Hermès, Hermès and Apple started their partnership in 2015. It merged the technical expertise of Apple with the iconography of Hermès’ watchmaking and exquisite craftsmanship.

Functionality, creativity, communication and architecture are expressed in the new Apple Watch Hermès Series 6. As for the technical upgrades to the Series 6 computer itself, it has a new S6 processor that is expected to make it 20% faster and a new app, watchOS 7, as well. It also now provides screening for blood oxygen (SpO2). With the same monitor and designs, it comes in the same 44mm and 40mm sizes as the Series 5.


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