New Nintendo 3DS

Witness the 3D gaming experience with new Nintendo 3DS. Choose from a wide variety of games and have the best of immersive gaming experience.
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Short Description

Nintendo 3DS brings the fun and engaging worlds of Nintendo to the palm of your hand with a range of games to entertain your whole family. The handheld console is capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. This takes gaming to the next level.

The gaming console is packed with amazing new features such as the StreetPass and SpotPass tag modes, powered by Nintendo Networkaugmented reality, using its 3D cameras; and Virtual Console, which allows owners to download and play games originally released on older video game systems.

The handheld gaming device comes pre-loaded with various applications like an online distribution store called Nintendo eShop, an Internet Browser; the NetflixHulu Plus and YouTube streaming video services; Nintendo Video; a messaging application called Swapnote and Mii Maker.

Nintendo 3DS places a whole world of gaming in the palm of your hand, including classic Nintendo franchises like Pokemon, Zelda, Mario and more. With wireless connectivity, it lets you play along with friends and family using only one game card. Nintendo e-shop is a haven for gamers from where they can download their favourite games.

New Nintendo 3DS is backed by a more powerful processor for a smoother gaming experience. Apart from that it also boast of features like face tracking for improved 3D viewing angles, additional ZL/ZR shoulder buttons and a new “C-Stick” pointing stick that are comparable to and backward compatible with games that support the Circle Pad Pro, colored face buttons inspired by those of Super NES controllers, automatic brightness adjustment, microSD storage, larger batteries, and integrated near-field communications support for use with Amiibo products. All these features ensure that your gaming session is worth the time and money which you invest in this device.

The Virtual Console service allows Nintendo 3DS owners to download and play games originally released for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System, and exclusively for New Nintendo 3DS models, Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Other highlights of the New Nintendo 3DS are its camera and sound functionality. The two front-facing cameras take 3D photos and the user-facing camera takes regular 2D photos. Various filters and editing options are available for taking photos or recording videos. The built-in music player and sound recorder ensure engaging gaming sessions. Music can be played even when the console is closed using the system’s headphone. With sound manipulation options and audio filters, one can record and edit audios too.

All these features make the new Nintendo 3DS one of the most covetable handheld gaming device.

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