VR headset is a wearable device that comes with a stereoscopic head-mounted display, stereo sound, accelerometer, gyro meter, and magnetometer. It lets you have the experience of immersive gaming; with this device, all the characters of any game appear real (although they are virtual, they appear real). This device is used to play 3D simulator games.

It can be easily paired with a television, smartphone, or PlayStation.
It comes with a controller that is used as a joystick.

There are numerous VR headsets available in the market, but the best one is manufactured by Samsung – Samsung Gear VR with controller 2018; it is one of the most popular VRs in the market. Its compact design and HD display make it the first choice of every gamer.

Stay comfortable in control:
Unlike many other VR devices in the market, the Samsung Gear VR comes with a controller, which lets you have a seamless experience while playing a game. The controller runs very smoothly.
It is designed to give you a real-time experience. The best part is that it supports all the games.

Immersive experience:
The Samsung Gear VR is equipped with a stereoscopic head-mounted display that makes every character real. The HD display of the VR headset provides you with an immersive experience. Besides, some games possess too many mysterious parts and elements that are almost impossible to notice with eyes. You need to have a good hearing aid to tackle all such obstructions. It is equipped with high-quality stereo speakers, which play an important role in tackling many obstructions quite smoothly and easily. The overall design of this VR is designed with the user’s comfort in the mind. It also has soft straps that a user can adjust according to his requirement.

Keep it fresh and fun:
The Samsung Gear VR is designed with amazing graphics and complex game levels; you can’t get bored with it. It comes with a 360-degree display that provides you an immersive experience every time you play a game or watch a movie.
It is one of the latest gadgets on the market, which supports almost all high-quality 3D games.

Use it with the latest phones:
VR is one of the latest technologies, and all smartphones do not support it; therefore before, buying it, make sure that your phone supports VR. If you have a Samsung phone, i.e., S6, S6+, S7, S7 Edge, S8, Note 5, then this device will perfectly work with your phone. 

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions and Weight:
    It is very lightweight and only weighs 345 grams. The overall dimensions of this VR are 98.6 x 207.1 x 120.7 mm.
  • Battery:
    It comes with a 2 AAA removable battery in the controller.
  • Display:
    It comes with a stereoscopic head-mounted HD display with a 101-degree field of view.


Games bring the thrill, but good graphics bring satisfaction. They deliver a seamless experience — the one which allows immersion. This VR provides more than just good graphics; it offers a good sound system as well, which upgrades its users’ experience. What are you waiting for? Go grab your VR today!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Reviews:
Overall Rating:
– 4.4/5

What the price of Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2018?
The Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2018 price is £106.99

Where Buy Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2018:

You can Buy Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2018 from O2 at £106.99


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