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How to save a wet phone. Just dropped your phone in the drink? It can be saved.

It is certainly dreadful when our phone accidentally drops in water.
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It is certainly dreadful when our phone accidentally drops in water. Being one of the most utility items, one cannot imagine being without the phone, even for a minute. But acting smart and carefully, one can save the phone from getting completely damaged.

It is certainly dreadful when our phone accidentally drops in water.

First and foremost is the fact that one must be extremely cautious about using the phone. And in case your phone accidentally gets wet, then one can follow the steps mentioned below to save their smartphone and eventually themselves.


  1. If your phone has some removable parts like battery or stylus, then take them gently. Do not try to prise it open as it could void the warranty. Removing parts eases the drying process. Also, remove the cover/case and remove any SIM and microSD card and leave the ports open.
  2. Take the phone out from the liquid at the earliest as higher the time it would be submerged in water, the chances of its survival will get minimal.
  3. If your phone has several keys, then avoid to press them as exerting pressure on them would cause liquid to move around inside.
  4. Dry off the exterior surface gently using a warm towel.

By now, your phone must have been pretty dry, but chances of water inside the device are still prominent. Follow the below mentioned ways to dry it further. 

  1. Try to put the phone in some desiccant like silica gel packs so that they could absorb the water. Some other effective desiccants are cat litter, couscous and porridge oats. Keep your phone submerged in any of the desiccants for few days and seal the container. Chances of your phone getting fine are high.
  2. One can also try keeping the phone in sunlight or open-air provided it is not humid or raining.


As a matter of fact, one tends to Google out everything. The Internet is loaded with various claims to rescue a wet phone. But be wary of trying out any of the methods and trust only verified sites. There are a few things which one should not be doing in case of the phone getting wet.

  1. One of the most common myth cum advice is to use the hairdryer to dry out the water. However, this is the biggest blunder one could do and lose their phone forever as dryer could either damage the outer part of the phone with excessive heat or may evaporate the water logged inside. Evaporation is harmful as it will probably turn into steam which will condense and form water again. Basic science logic it is.
  2. Don’t put it into the microwave as well as the metal tends to sparkle with microwaves. So, don’t even try.
  3. Putting the phone on charge can be thought of as a good idea but plugging something wet into the wall could short circuit your phone or worse give you a shock, so steer away from this idea as well.
  4. Another common suggestion is to wrap the phone in a paper towel and put it into the freezer. This will cause the water inside to freeze and when you will take it out from the freezer and it will thaw, you will be back to where you started from.

However, if you own a phone which is certified with an IPS68 rating, then you are sorted as your phone is water resistant and will be fine even if it gets wet.

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