Samsung’s foldable phone is coming, It’s finally happening

Samsung Galaxy Fold release date, news and features. The Galaxy Fold is, as the name suggests, a foldable phone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been officially unveiled on stage at Samsung' s Unpacked 2019 launch event.
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The foldable smartphone concept is the newest development in smartphone history. Samsung has confirmed that it is coming up with a foldable smartphone.

Samsung is coming up with its first foldable phone and many mobile enthusiasts and tech freaks are waiting for its launch. Being a new concept, everyone has their aspirations and expectations from the phone. Here is a list of things which everyone is hoping to see in Samsung’s first foldable phone.

What is it? Samsung’s first folding smartphone
When is it out? April 26 (US), May 3 (Europe)
What will it cost? $1,980 (€2,000)

A screen which is the size of a tablet

Rumors of a foldable Samsung phone have been doing the rounds ever since the patents of a foldable device reported to be named the Galaxy X came around. It is expected that X will feature a 7 inch OLED screen like a tablet which folds in half.

The idea behind is that the phone can double up as a tablet when needed. This will be great as one can enjoy watching movies on the go on a device which folds right back up. Playing games on a larger screen will be more fun then.

Thinner and more portable

Thin phones are everywhere. Samsung first came up with its flexible OLED display at CES 2013 where the screen as thin as a plastic card and could be bent both ways. As slim phones are already doing rounds in the market, foldable phones need to be even slimmer. This means that they also need to be more portable.

Three screens?

It’s kind of a fact that the screens of the foldable phone will be larger than the average smartphone. And it’s a good thing. Another astonishing and exciting thing is that this foldable Samsung phone could have up to three screens.

Theoretically, it means having one screen on the front for notifications and texts and two screens inside the foldable side which gets open to combine and form one large display like a tablet. The first screen could be used as a primary display like a regular phone and use the inside two combined screen when you need more working space or when you wish to watch a movie or play games.

Better, full-sized multitasking

Smartphones let you do multitasking but sort of pulls you back as they offer so much screen space for it. With a foldable phone, better full-sized multitasking can be achieved as a flexible screen could transform the single screen into two displays, which would be like having an extra phone screen to work on.

Less likely to shatter

Smartphones are made of glass usually and are thus very fragile. Foldable phone display will be much thinner and flexible and will not be made from glass either. This will be a great relief for those who use phone roughly.

These are some of the advanced expectations from the revolutionary foldable phone.  With technology growing and demands increasing, the company surely needs to be outrageous to design the phone with utmost research so as to make it fail-proof.

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