Technology has been growing really fast, and now, conventional technologies are nothing more than a long-gone past. They are replaced with new innovations; let’s consider the example of watches. Once, analog wrist watches used to be a symbol of luxury, but they are obsolete now. That’s not it! Smartwatches replaced them. There is just no reason to select them over analog watches.

The market is very crowded with so many options. You might even find a lot of options; however, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is highly recommended.

Let’s understand why:

Go Wireless:
Unlike other smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active comes with the option of wireless charging. Therefore, with no mess of extra wires, the watch becomes quite handy. Moreover, it also appears classy while recharging a watch without wireless. It just adds an upgrade to your personality.

Count Every Single Step:
Do you want to track your fitness goals and the progress of your body? We have got a solution! With the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, you can monitor and record a lot of things, such as steps, calories burned, heart-rate, and blood-oxygen level. It will also give you daily workout data, with which you can change your workout plans too. You can also set your daily goals on the watch, and it will help you in achieving them.

Wear it wherever you go:
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active’s sleek design, changeable straps, and elegant design make it a perfect fit for every occasion. What’s the best part? Its design makes it look like a conventional analog watch. 

Make healthy habits It also keeps track of your sleep, calories, and amount of water you intake. It suggests you healthy eating habits, appropriate duration of sleep, and the number of calories you need to burn, and accordingly, it calculates your body mass index and suggests you work out activity.

Technical Specifications:

When it comes to buying a gadget, even if it is just an add-on to your luxury, it is important to know its technological aspects. Therefore, let’s dig deeper into its features:

  • Processor:
    It comes with an Exynos 9111 dual-core 1.15GHz 64-bit processor and 4 GB of ROM that works on the Tizen operating OS 4.0.
  • Display:
    It comes with a 1.1 inches AMOLED (360×360) touch screen display with a standby time of up to 4 days.
  • Weight and dimensions:
    It is very compact, i.e., 39.5 X 39.5 X 10.5mm, and weighs approximately 49 grams.
  • Battery:
    Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a 230 mAh non-removable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 days.
  • Connectivity:
    It comes with Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, Wi-Fi, and GPS/Glonass connectivity. 
  • Sensors:
    It comes with a light sensor, accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, and HR sensor.
  • Other Features:
    You can also find some other exciting features in it, like the Blood oxygen meter that monitors your blood-oxygen level and also monitor your heart rate. It comes with an official ip68 water-resistant rating which makes it more durable. 

View more Amazing Features:

  • Track your steps and workouts
  • See notifications and control your music
  • Get insight into your sleep and health
  • Slim, lightweight, and tough

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Reviews:
Overall Rating:
– 3.2/5

What the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active price is £159.00

Where buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active :

You can Buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active from O2 at £159.00


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